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Code of Conduct


This Policy sets out the Code of Conduct of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Ltd. The Code of Conduct assists members of staff, volunteers and board to work in ethically, professionally, within the law and in the best interests of SGLMG.

We exist to develop the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras for the benefit of Sydney's LGBTQI community, the enjoyment of a wider audience and as a global beacon of diversity, acceptance and LGBTQI pride. We do this through: Providing the opportunity for LGBTQI individuals and groups to use the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras as a statement of pride and to promote a broader message of diversity and acceptance Anchoring the Parade in a broader program of cultural and social activities for the enjoyment of local audiences and to attract visitors to Sydney Providing resources and opportunities to our community for creative and political expression Embracing individuals and groups from the broader community who share our vision Constantly improving creativity and production values on our events, including bringing the world's best artists, thinkers and entertainers to Sydney. Integrity: We embrace the highest standards of professional conduct and uphold a culture of honesty and trust Creativity: We are committed to promoting excellence in creativity and innovation in our endeavours. Accountability: We are responsible and accountable for fulfilling our commitments Respect: We support a working environment where all (staff, volunteers, community, partners and stakeholders) are treated with civility, respect and fairness Equity: We treat everyone equally regardless of gender, sexuality, age, race or ability and commit to fostering a diverse organisation

The Code of Conduct will ensure that your work is carried out: fairly legally in the best interests of SGLMG, and in a way that protects you as an employee or volunteer of SGLMG.

The Code of Conduct applies to: board members, management, staff volunteers, interns, contractors and consultants
The Code of Conduct outlines your expectations for acting ethically and working as part of an effective team. You are expected to use the Code of Conduct at all times when working and participating in SGLMG activities.
If you are not sure whether your actions conform to the Code of Conduct, talk to your manager or supervisor.

"Would I be OK if my supervisor, colleagues or clients knew about this?"
If you answered maybe or no then you need to talk it through with someone before you do anything.


SGLMG Values that all volunteers are asked to engage with and abide: Integrity, Creativity, Accountability, Respect and Equity

Integrity: I will: Act in the best interests of the organisation. Work productively and cooperatively. Follow the law and our organisation's policies. Be consistent and honest. I will not: Present my opinions as those of the organisation. Abuse my position or use power inappropriately. Deceive others or withhold information. Do things for my own personal gain.

Creativity: I will: Encourage people to share their thoughts and opinions. Bring new ideas and opportunities to the organisation. Stay on the lookout for new ways to do things. Keep challenging myself and others to take a chance. I will not: Give up because it seems too hard. Dismiss ideas because I don't agree with them. Stick to what is comfortable. Copy what everyone else is doing.

Accountability: I will: Accept responsibility for my actions. Admit my mistakes. Do what I say I will do. Meet expectations and assist others to meet theirs. I will not: Lay blame on others. Avoid my responsibilities. Make it up when I don't know for sure. Take on work I can't finish.

Respect: I will: Value people's views and opinions. Be polite and courteous. Consider people's feelings. Build trusting relationships. I will not: Intrude in others private lives. Set unrealistic expectations. Belittle or demean other people. Conspire against other people.

Equity: I will: Assume that everyone has something to offer. Seek out all members of the community. Understand the value of difference. Adapt my behaviour to suit the situation. I will not: Exclude or isolate others. Give favour to a particular group or person. Make people feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. Allow my personal views to cloud my judgement

If you are concerned that the behaviour of your colleagues might not be appropriate, discuss this with your manager or supervisor. Unless off-duty behaviour is covered by the Code of Conduct or illegal, it is not a concern of SGLMG.
We expect you to be familiar with the Code of Conduct and relevant SGLMG policies and procedures, particularly those which cover your day-to-day duties.

We expect you to understand: your expectations during work hours your specific duties your boundaries your expected behaviours
You are responsible for your actions and will be held accountable for them.
If you are not sure about your duties or how to respond to situations as they arise, you should talk to your manager or supervisor.

3.1 Making public comment

We expect that you never present yourself as an official spokesperson of SGLMG to the media or any other organisation or individual unless you are authorised.

If you have a role in another organisation, you may be asked to comment on SGLMG and its work. We expect that you never make any comment where your comments would be based on information you know from your work with SGLMG.

If you have any criticism of SGLMG or its work we expect you to discuss your concerns with your manager or supervisor.

3.2 Representing SGLMG

If you are authorised to be a representative of SGLMG to another organisation we expect you to: follow the policies of SGLMG ensure that you report back to your manager or supervisor about your involvement actions make it clear to the other organisation that you are representing SGLMG and any decision requires the consent of the Board or CEO
If you have any criticism of SGLMG or its work we expect you to discuss your concerns with your manager or supervisor.

3.3 Dignity and respect

All people at SGLMG deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Commitment to diversity means accepting and embracing difference.

We strive to create a workplace where everyone enjoys an environment free from all forms of discrimination, intimidation or harassment, including sexual harassment. Discrimination causes you or your colleagues to feel that you are unable to achieve your full potential at work because of who you are.

We expect that you will never: Harass, bully or discriminate against colleagues, customers or the public Encourage or support anyone who is harassing, bullying or discriminating against colleagues, customers or the public. Discriminate against someone because of their gender, race, ethic or ethno-religious background, political affiliation, occupation, marital status, pregnancy, disability, age, sexual or gender diversity, carer's responsibilities, or alcohol or drug use or dependency that does not adversely impact on SGLMG's work performance. Transmit, communicate or access any material that may discriminate against, harass or vilify colleagues, customers or the public. Victimise or take unreasonable action against people Make malicious or vexatious allegations.

3.4 Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unacceptable. It includes covert or overt sexual behaviour that is unwanted, unreciprocated and causes you or your colleagues to become uncomfortable.

Examples of sexual harassment include: making offensive or sexual comments or gestures making comments about a person's sexual activities or private life forcing or coercing a person to engage in sexual activities following people home from their workplace making threats or accusations because someone has refused your sexual advances unwanted physical contact such as patting, pinching, or touching sexual assault

3.5 Use of equipment and resources

The effective use of resources maintains the trust of our members, sponsors and partners. We expect you to use all equipment, goods and materials provided to you for work related purposes only, and maintain, replace and safeguard the property following any special direction or conditions applying to its use.

We will make every effort to distribute resources appropriately. We expect you to avoid conflicts with your colleagues over resources and speak to your manager or supervisor if you have an issue with the allocation of resources.
We expect that you will never use SGLMG's resources, physical, human or financial for your own gain or for any private commercial purposes. You may use telephones, fax machines and the internet for short and infrequent private use provided that it does not interfere with your work.

3.6 Confidentiality

We expect you to keep information you obtain or access in the course of your work confidential. We expect that you will never use or disclose this information without proper authority unless required by law. Maintaining trust with our stakeholders is the most important consideration.

We expect that you will not misuse information you obtain or access in the course of your work for personal gain.
We expect that you maintain the security of confidential and sensitive information at all times making sure that unauthorised people cannot easily access this information. Physical documents are to be kept in locked filing cabinets and electronic files must be password protected.

We expect you to also maintain the confidence and trust of your work colleagues by never releasing information about any member of staff or volunteer without authorisation of the Chief Executive Officer.
We expect all staff and volunteers to sign a Confidentially Deed. By signing this agreement you agree to and understand your responsibilities about confidential information. If you breach confidentiality, you may be legally liable.

3.15 Health and safety

We expect managers at all levels to protect the health and safety of everyone in the workplace. We expect you to understand and follow all WHS policies and procedures and ensure that they are followed by other members of staff, volunteers and visitors.

We expect that you will: Follow all work health and safety policies and safe working procedures Take reasonable care for the health and safety of people who are at your workplace Comply with legal requirements and report hazards when you become aware of them Never intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything given to you in the interest of health, safety or welfare Prevent work related injuries to yourself and others Report an injury to your manager or supervisor and seek first aid or medical attention


While working with SGLMG you might become aware of contentious or politically sensitive issues arising from lobbying and advocacy activities. If you have any concerns about the legality or ethics of any activity, talk to your manager, supervisor or the Chief Executive Officer.

You will never be expected or required to break the law.


We encourage everyone to work together in a spirit of cooperation. The Code of Conduct assists you to understand behaviours are expected of you and what you have a right to expect from your colleagues.

Your commitment to the Code of Conduct allows us to function effectively. Talking about the Code of Conduct with your colleagues will improve everyone's understanding.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct are serious. If a breach is found, it will be dealt with as per the conditions of engagement or employment in the contract, the Volunteer Policy and the Discipline Policy. If you would like more information, ask your manager or supervisor.


I,____________________________________(name) as a director | volunteer | employee of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras have read and understood the SGLMG Code of Conduct and agree to uphold the SGLMG Code of Conduct and SGLMG's mission and values.

Where a conflict of interest arises, I agree to work together to resolve it.

I agree to return all official material or documentation belonging to Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras if I leave the organisation or cease to be in my position.